Lead managment, Automation, E-mail copywriting and list managment.

How I can help you

To better help you, please take time to understand how a lead is converted to a customer and note down which parts of this generalized process you need help with.

  • Lead Management - Use white-labeled customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage and nurture leads to being customers.

  • Automation- Set up all automation, internal notification updates, and sales pipeline updates.

  • E-mail copywriting - Craft compelling, engaging, and persuasive copy that resonates with your readers and drives action.

  • E-mail list management- Increase the effectiveness of your e-mail campaigns with targeted e-mail lists that are optimized for engagement and conversions. Proper e-mail list management can get you out of the "promotions tab" and into the "primary inbox".


  • H.I.P.A.A and G.D.P.R compliant marketing

  • Lead generation

About me

Hi, my name is Jeremy Koyama.I help businesses increase and maintain a steady flow of customers by turning leads into qualified leads and converting them into loyal customers.I achieve this for my clients by crafting effective e-mail marketing campaigns, managing e-mail lists, automating website processes, and streamlining customer management systems.It's quite simple, the less resistance leads have while moving from the storefront to the checkout, the more likely they are to purchase your product or service and become customers.What are some resistances?
Business e-mails are landing in the "spam" or "promotions" tab instead of the "primary" inbox tab; Not sending out text messages to remind leads about meetings and consultations; Not nurturing leads who want to buy, but are not ready to buy right now; Not having a system of follow up e-mails or text messages for leads that may have been interested at some point; and many more.
If you add enough value and a memorable experience along this journey, you can turn a lead into a customer, and finally into a loyal customer who will spread the gospel truth about how great you are.With my help, businesses can achieve their marketing goals by scaling and maintaining their customer base with ease.Get in touch with me to see how I can help you!

People I've helped

Copywriter for Women's Relationship Experts Ana Obee." *He overdelivered to me... He wants to make sure that you like what he has to offer *"

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I would actually prefer if you sent me a WhatsApp message and tell me about the kind of car you want to get when we start making money. Just click on that little pop-up and lets chat!Alternatively, you can pick a time that works for you on the calendar below and we can get to know each other via a zoom call.If you're interested in some copywriting samples, just shoot me an e-mail and I'll send you some of my work. Before you go, don't forget to connect with me through my socials, I'll be sharing some valuable marketing content that will help you grow.I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

H.I.P.A.A Compliant Marketing

Before we get to HIPAA-compliant Marketing, we need to know what HIPAA is. If you are a practice or in HIPAA terms “covered entity” in the United States of America and you operate in the Medical and Health Care Industry, then you probably already know what HIPAA is. Understanding HIPAA's Role in Protecting Patient Information is nothing short of vital if you want to remain profitable and scale by maintaining an increased and consistent flow of customers.For those who don’t know, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA is a law that is primarily designed to safeguard and secure the sensitive healthcare information of patients. HIPAA is divided into several categories, including the privacy rule, cybersecurity rule, enforcement rule, notification rule, and more. In marketing we are mainly concerned with the privacy and security rule, in relation to how we collect, handle, store, and protect a patient's Personal Health Information (PHI) when it is both at rest, and in transit. So, HIPAA is set up to protect PHI, what’s next?HOW DOES HIPAA DEFINE PHI?HIPAA defines Personal Health Information as any information that can be used to identify an individual, this includes basic information such as patient names, contact details, social security numbers, medical history, financial records, email addresses, and facial characteristics. This is important because, for a violation to occur under the privacy and security rule, there needs to be unauthorized access to PHI, and the information needs to be linked to an identifiable individual.Because of this, Healthcare marketing presents unique and intricate challenges, as the messages conveyed can have a significant impact on people's well-being and livelihood. Unlike other industries, healthcare marketers must approach their strategies with utmost care and caution. So,WHY USE PHI IN E-MAIL MARKETING?The results speak for themselves. 29% increased open rates, 136% higher click-through rates, and a 500-800% increase in ROI. With PHI, marketers can leverage patient data to create personalized email content that resonates with leads and encourage them to consult with professionals who can help them achieve their desired outcomes.
One way of doing this is by segmenting email lists and customizing content tailored to specific patient needs in order to enhance patient engagement. To ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations, it is crucial to use secure email marketing solutions that safeguard patients’ confidential information as it moves from the covered entity (practice) to the end user (patient).

Even if healthcare providers are not sending marketing emails, they often send transactional and informational emails to patients. As such, HIPAA marketing rules provide guidelines on the content that should and should not be included in all types of communication.Companies such as GoHighLevel have collaborated with The Compliancy Group consultancy to ensure their compliance with both the HIPAA Privacy Rule and the HIPAA Security Rule. This allows them to enter into HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with medical and healthcare marketing agencies who then do the same in order to help covered entities (medical and health practices) with their marketing campaigns.Get in contact with me to see how I can help you scale your business through HIPAA-compliant e-mail marketing

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